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I’m so happy that we matched on some of these fandoms! Please avoid writing incest or PWPs, and you should be good. :D Please think of these possible prompts as mere suggestions. If you have something else inventive in mind, go for it.

Dresden Files/Doctor Who: I would love to see a scenario where Harry has to team up with the Doctor in order to save Chicago. Feel free to use any Doctor you want, but please keep in mind that my knowledge of the original DW series is limited to a handful of episodes, so I don’t know a lot about the older Doctors or companions. For the new series, I have a preference for 9/10 and Rose or 12 and Clara. I ship both of them, but do whatever makes sense to you. I just would love to see a rollicking adventure with the main characters from both of these series and possibly a magic versus science thing going on. I am familiar with the Dresden Files books, so I’d prefer that you stick to those instead of the TV series.

Dresden Files/Welcome to Night Vale: Harry goes to Night Vale and realizes that it is not the typical desert town. What brings Harry to Night Vale in the first place? Maybe he gets lost in the Nevernever. It could be done in the style of a typical Night Vale episode or told from Harry’s point of view. It just would be cool to have these strange worlds collide. I am familiar with the Dresden Files books, so I’d prefer that you stick to those instead of the TV series.

Doctor Who/Welcome to Night Vale: This is the crossover that I’ve been dreaming of! It seems natural that the Doctor would find his way to a weird place like Night Vale. What brings him there? Maybe it’s being attacked by Daleks or something. Maybe the denizens of Night Vale attempt to steal the TARDIS because it’s forbidden technology. As I said above, I have very limited knowledge of the classic Doctor Who series, so I would prefer modern Doctors and companions. I would especially like to see how 12 and Clara would react to this strange town, and as I mentioned above, I ship them. I also ship Cecil and Carlos, of course.

Harry Potter/Dresden Files: Harry and Harry team up or Harry versus Harry? Perhaps Harry Potter comes to Dresden for help solving a mystery or crime? It can be set during the Hogwarts years or when Harry Potter is working for the Ministry as an adult. If you want to go the fusion route, let’s see how Dresden would fare at Hogwarts. What would it be like if he were the Chosen One? I’m familiar with the Dresden Files books, so I’d prefer that you stick to those instead of the TV series.

Harry Potter/Doctor Who: Here’s two iconic British series coming together. What witch or wizard would make a great companion? I love Hermione, so I think she would be one of the best. I can also imagine Luna stepping into the role. For some reason, I have a strong preference for the Tenth Doctor in this crossover. Then again, David Tennant *has* acted in both series. I loved the “Shakespeare Code” episode of Doctor Who and its references to HP, so it would be great if you could incorporate something from that. A science versus magic scenario would be great as well.

Harry Potter/Welcome to Night Vale: I have an outright preference for a fusion because I just don’t see what else would bring these two worlds together in an interesting way. If you have an idea for something that isn’t a fusion and feels less like the characters randomly coming together for no reason, go for it. What would the Night Vale characters be like at Hogwarts? Of course, Cecil would be a great Quidditch announcer, and Carlos would be a Ravenclaw.

The Big Bang Theory/Doctor Who: We all know that the Big Bang Theory guys love sci-fi, so what would happen if they encountered the Doctor? Who would make the best companion? I love Sheldon, but would he drive the Doctor crazy? Where would the guys want to go in the whole of space and time if they had their choice? You can choose any Doctor, but I would prefer the modern Doctors as I’m not very familiar with the classic series. Conversely, if you want to go the fusion route, what if the prop they brought from the Time Machine movie was a real time machine? What if Leonard were the Doctor and Penny the companion? What if Sheldon were a Time Lord and took Little House on the Prairie-era Amy on adventures through time and space?

The Big Bang Theory/Star Wars: We all know how much the Big Bang Theory guys love sci-fi, so what would happen if they got sucked into the world of Star Wars? How would they fare if they had to be real heroes in a galaxy far, far away? Would Sheldon go over to the Dark Side? I can see this as either a crossover where they are magically (or scientifically due to an experiment) transported to the Star Wars universe or a fusion where they have lived there all along. Wouldn’t it be fun to have our nerds out of water and allow them to use their sci-fi knowledge for good someday? I would prefer something that is set during the original trilogy or TFA rather than the prequels.

The Big Bang Theory/Pride and Prejudice: A fusion where Sheldon is the Mr. Darcy character and Amy is the Elizabeth character, perhaps? We all know that this is one of Amy’s favorite books. Maybe she writes her own fusion fanfic where she casts Sheldon and herself as the main couple. It could also go the other way around where Darcy and Elizabeth are in Amy and Sheldon’s places in the modern world.

Doctor Who/Star Wars: What if there were Time Lords in the Star Wars universe? What if the Doctor were a Jedi and he was training one of his companions? Any of the Star Wars movies are fine, but I would prefer the modern Doctors and companions.

Doctor Who/Pride and Prejudice: Once again, I would prefer the modern Doctors and companions, particularly those who appear to have romantic feelings for each other. What if the Doctor finds himself in the middle of the novel, meddles in things (perhaps Elizabeth falls for him), and must fix everything to get the happily-ever-after that we all know and love? Bonus points if there are alien attacks. On the other hand, I can see a fusion where the Twelfth Doctor and Clara are the main couple.

Star Wars/Pride and Prejudice: Pride and Prejudice in space? Enough said.

Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings: Narnia has always been a part of Middle Earth or travel between the worlds is possible and common. What if Jadis is set loose on Middle Earth? I have also become an ardent fan of Susan/Boromir, so anything that brings them together in anything other than a mundane setting would be ideal.

Chronicles of Narnia/Harry Potter: What if the cupboard under the stairs was a doorway to Narnia all along? How would visits to Narnia affect Harry growing up? Would he end up staying there? What if the Veil were a passage to Narnia for Sirius?

Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter: What if the Deathly Hallows come to Middle Earth? What if Gandalf comes to Hogwarts as a DADA professor? What if Gandalf and Dumbledore switch places?

Fullmetal Alchemist/Harry Potter: For this combination, I would prefer the 2003 anime of FMA because that’s what I have in mind. What if Ed and Al’s appearance in our world gets them involved in the fight against Grindelwald? You can also do the typical FMA goes to Hogwarts scenario if you like.

Fullmetal Alchemist/Madoka Magica: I know that Kyubey is supposed to prey on girls, but what if it preys on Ed when he is most vulnerable? What if he makes a contract to resurrect his mother, become an alchemist, or save Al when the human transmutation goes wrong?

Harry Potter/Madoka Magica: What if Madoka, Homura, or some other magical girl makes a wish to go to Hogwarts? What if Homura becomes obsessed with the Harry Potter books when she is sick? Feel free to make this a subversion of the typical “anime character goes to Hogwarts plot. On the other hand, what if a portion of the Hogwarts students are revealed to be magical girls?


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