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Dear writer,

I think that it’s really cool that we matched on one or more of these fandoms, and I’m sure that I’ll enjoy whatever you happen to write for me. These prompts are merely suggestions. If you have an idea of your own that you’re really excited about, I encourage you to write it. Please avoid explicit rape or incest. Also, I would prefer it if you did not write AUs for fandoms where they are not requested.

Happy writing!

A Song of Ice and Fire:

I feel like dark fic for ASOIAF would just be regular old fic for ASOIAF, but I do enjoy the darker elements of this series, obviously. I would prefer no explicit rape or incest unless it’s also in canon.

Sansa Stark: I would like to see a dark take on Sansa where she takes revenge. Maybe that is more of Arya’s style, but I’d like to see what you can do with Sansa. Maybe she seduces someone as a pretense to seeking revenge. Maybe she gets sold into slavery. It would also be really cool to see her encounter Kyubey from Madoka Magica.

Lady Stoneheart: Seeking revenge on her enemies. What would happen if any of her children encounter her in this state?

Melisandr of Asshai: Anything from her backstory. Show how she was sold to the Red Temple as a child and her training as a priestess.

Cersei Lannister: Exploration of her unhappy marriage or her relative powerlessness in a male-dominated world. What if Cersei suffered from postpartum depression when any of her children were born?

Margaery Tyrell: Bad things happening to her.

Ned Stark: Anything where he comes back to life horribly wrong. If that’s not your thing, it would be interesting to see Ned being forced to do things that go against his morals in order to keep his family safe as well.

Catelyn Tully Stark: Let’s see her motherly love put to the test. Maybe she is forced to endure pain to keep her family safe or experiences postpartum depression when one of her children is born. It would also be interesting to see survivor’s guilt when Ned is killed or her mourning process in general.

Jaime Lannister & Brienne of Tarth: They were forced to marry at some point (which ends Jaime’s relationship with Cersei… eventually) or they are forced to fight the white walkers side-by-side. Or both of those scenarios combined!

Petyr Baelish & Sansa Stark: Little finger raises up Sansa to be just as manipulative and calculating as he is. Perhaps a dark and twisted romance springs up between them or Sansa seeks her revenge on him.

The Big Bang Theory:

Sheldon and either Amy or Penny face off against real supernatural/extraterrestrial/science fiction threats. They are forced to survive the zombie apocalypse. They go on an outing to the evil carnival and find out that everything is not as it seems. Perhaps they find themselves lost in time or space. Maybe an artificial intelligence tries to take over. There could be a science experiment that goes horribly wrong. Maybe the plot from Serial Apist comes true and Penny turns into a killer gorilla. Sheldon could easily be a mad scientist or evil genius of some sort. If Amy or Penny got replaced by an alien, how long would it take Sheldon to notice? Or perhaps Sheldon is replaced by an alien who mistakenly take on a more typical Earth personality and becomes the “perfect” boyfriend.

If you want to go for a more mundane setting, explore the bullying that Amy and Sheldon faced in school. I know that Sheldon goes to college very young in the canon, but what if they all find each other when they are still kids? Will Penny take part in the bullying or come to their aid? Conversely, explore Sheldon’s dysfunctional family life and his childhood. Conversely, Amy is known to suffer from night terrors in canon, so you could write about her experience with that.

Please no canon character death. Feel free to include any of the other canon characters if you are so inclined.

Crossover Fandoms:

Let’s see how Kyubey can screw up the lives of dear, sweet Ginny and Sakura!

Ginny: Maybe Ginny makes a contract with Kyubey to get Harry to return her feelings pre-HBP, or maybe she wishes for the power to defeat Voldemort because she is jealous of the trio. When I say victim-blaming in this request, I mean more Ginny blaming herself for being tricked by Kyubey rather than any rape/abuse.

Sakura: Maybe Sakura wishes for her mother to come back to life (and it goes horribly wrong), or she makes a contract with Kyubey in order to recapture all of the Clow Cards. As with Ginny above, I don’t mean victim-blaming in the traditional sense of rape/abuse, but Sakura blaming herself for going along with Kyubey and/or bringing her mother back as some sort of inhuman monster. Also, I would be happy if you included Sakura’s canon fear of ghosts but only if you think you can make it work in a meaningful way. I’m not asking for ghosts to randomly show up unless you think you can make it work.

Harry Potter:

Albus Dumbledore & Gellert Grindelwald: Show an unhealthy relationship where Grindelwald is manipulating Dumbledore. Moreover, it would be cool to see a dark AU where Grindelwald succeeds in corrupting Dumbledore and they both become evil together.

Andromeda Black Tonks: Show the relationship with her family and the struggles she endured to break away from them to marry a Muggle-born. Does she have any regrets over the life she chose when she is left to raise Teddy Lupin alone?

Bellatrix Black Lestrange: Show me her descent into madness and evil. Did she show the same cruelty and malevolence even in her childhood? Azkaban undoubtedly made her more unhinged than she already was, but what dark memories did the dementors make her relive? Did she ever love her husband or was it a loveless marriage from the start?

Ginny & Voldemort: Ginny falls in love with diary!Tom Riddle/becomes his soulmate and allows his influence to corrupt her. Perhaps she tries to resurrect him herself. Conversely, Ginny is still haunted by him years later and blames herself for what happened.

Hermione: Show the effects that bullying and prejudice had on her. Conversely, show her with Snape in the dark alternate timeline from Cursed Child. Maybe have her forced to marry a pureblood of your choice.

Narcissa Malfoy Black: Bring on the most ancient and dysfunctional house of Black! I expect that living in the Black family was a bad childhood. What was her relationship with her sisters and parents like? I would prefer her marriage with Lucius to remain relatively loving, but it can start out where she is marrying him just to get away from home or it is an arranged marriage.

Pansy Parkinson: Show the events from the book from her perspective or explore why she didn’t marry Draco in canon. What was her home life like?

Pansy Parkinson & Hermione Granger: I would really like to see them in a soulmates gone wrong scenario or forced marriage. If you want to go the gen route, explore their antagonistic relationship.

Regulus Black: again, the dysfunctional Black family and/or Regulus when he realizes he was wrong about Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

Severus Snape: I want more of Snape’s crummy childhood and perhaps the lasting effects of his childhood bullying. Conversely, show him with Hermione in the dark alternate universe from Cursed Child. What lasting affects does being a Death Eater have on him?

Historical RPF:

Franz Kafka: I just spent the evening reading about Kafka, and this man has officially become my ultimate woobie. There’s so much darkness to mine here. Go into his relationship with his father or explore his failed romantic relationships. I think it would be really interesting to see him dropped into the Kafkaesque worlds of his writing as well. You can also write about the end of his life and his tuberculosis.

Franz Kafka & Max Brod: Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about Max and his relationship with Kafka beyond the fact that he published Kafka’s works posthumously against his will, so you may take this in any direction. If you see any slashy potential, go for it. I also think it would be interesting to see Kafka haunting him after he went against his wishes and did not destroy his writing.

Percy Shelley & Mary Shelley: From what I have read, their relationship seems both romantic and tempestuous. Write about Mary’s secret meetings with him at her mother’s grave. Write about Mary’s jealousy of his relationships with other women or sorrow after the death of her children. I also think it would be great to see insight on what her process was on writing Frankenstein because I think it’s such a charming fact that it started out as a simple ghost story contest and a dream. Did Mary have any supernatural experiences of her own? Conversely, you could write about Mary’s grief over Percy’s sudden death or her premonitions about his death. Feel free to include Lord Byron as well.

Lord of the Rings:

Boromir: Dark!Boromir or scenes from an unhappy childhood.

Pride and Prejudice:

Elizabeth Bennet and/or Fitzwilliam Darcy: What I would really love to see is a gothic/dark fantasy/dark fairytale take on this story. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I think it would be interesting to see a soulmates AU where Elizabeth and Darcy are forced together in spite of themselves or they end up with the wrong people. Conversely, I would love to see them forced into a futuristic breeding program in a dystopian AU. What if Elizabeth was the slave and Darcy the master?

Lydia: We know that she does not get her happily ever after, so explore that and her relationship with Wickham.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens:

Ben Solo | Kylo Ren (TFA): Anything that shows his descent to the dark side or his guilt after killing his father.

Han Solo & Kylo Ren | Ben Solo: I want to see the dysfunctional family relationship firsthand, but I don’t want any outright physical or sexual abuse. Just show a man who does love his son but has no idea how to be a father to him and feels guilt for losing him.

Kylo Ren & Leia Organa: Again, I want to see the dysfunctional family relationship first hand, but this time from Leia’s perspective. As above, I’m not looking for physical or sexual abuse here. I would like to see a woman struggling with parenthood. Show Leia loving her son but suffering from postpartum depression or any of the real life mental health issues that Kerry Fischer has faced. Show Leia lamenting where she went wrong in spite of her love for both Han and Ben.

Kylo Ren & Luke Skywalker: How Ben fell to the dark side or guilt from either perspective over what happened.

Kylo Ren & Rey: Give me all of the conflicted fic for this relationship. Perhaps Rey goes to the dark side or is captured by Kylo Ren. Perhaps they are forced to marry or discover that they are soulmates to everyone’s dismay.

Leia Organa & Rey: Show them bonding and grieving over the loss of Han.

Rey & Luke Skywalker: Luke is evil and tempts Rey to the dark side or Rey falls to the dark side on her own and repeats what happened with Ben Solo. If you don’t want to make either of them dark or evil, you can have Rey encountering cosmic horrors as she trains with Luke.

Finn & Rey: They encounter cosmic horrors beyond their imagination while on a mission.

Rey: She encounters cosmic horrors while on a mission or turns to the dark side.

Vampire Chronicles:

Claudia: I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but I heard that Rice had a draft of Interview with the Vampire where Claudia lives and is allowed to go off to be happy with other vampire children. What would this life have been like? I’m not sure how well this could work because Claudia is distraught about not being able to grow into a woman, but this is dark fic after all. It doesn’t have to be happy evil vampire children ever after if you don’t want it to be, but it can be if you are so inspired.

Conversely, write a story about Claudia pretending to be kidnapped by humans and her bloody revenge on them. It’s always fun to have vampires hunting, and this is just the sort of mind game Claudia would play with her prey.

I wouldn’t be averse to seeing more of Claudia as a ghost the way we do in Queen of the Damned. That was one of my favorite parts of the book, and I’m always happy to see more of ghosts and spirits in this world.

Akasha: She’s such an interesting character in Queen of the Damned, and I would like to see a peak into what would have happened if she had succeeded in reducing the world’s male population.

If that’s not your speed, it would be cool to see more of the cult she set up for herself in ancient Egypt where she rules as a goddess. Anything from ancient Egypt would be great as it's another favorite part of the book.

It would also be interesting to see the horrors she might have seen when she and Enkil were Those who Must be Kept.

Armand: He is already a dark character with a dark past, so I would love to see more of that. Anything from the time in his cult and when he was living underground in Le Innocence cemetery would be lovely. Or something from the theatre if you like.

Mekare: An overlooked character for sure, but I happen to love the story of the twins. Plenty of darkness to explore in this one’s life as she was raped and had her tongue cut out in canon. What were her thoughts when she was mute and floating in the stone sarcophagus on the sea? What was it like wandering the world in search of her sister? How did she lose her mind?

Welcome to Night Vale:

Cecil: If you choose Cecil as the perspective character, I would love to see something in the style of a typical episode. Night Vale experiences dark and creepy happenings regularly, so run with that. Basically, look at the tags and go wild if they inspire you.

Kevin: Maybe you can go deeper into what exactly Strex did to him and the injuries he sustained, or show what happened to him when he talked to Cecil from the future in “Triptych.” How does Kevin recover, or can he recover?

Kevin & Carlos: I would prefer anything Kevin/Carlos to be mostly one-sided with Carlos not returning Kevin’s feelings because he’s already in love with Cecil. At any rate, I would prefer the relationship between Kevin and Carlos to be mostly non-violent, but feel free to keep Kevin as twisted and broken as ever.


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