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Ugh, summer is upon us, and it is woefully hot. Since I lack air conditioning at home, I almost wish that I was taking summer classes in order to escape the heat. I needed a break, though. Last semester wasn't necessarily difficult, but it was draining. This was most likely caused by my lack of personal writing over the last few months, which left me without a true creative outlet. Academic writing can be fun, but it's not necessarily the best form of expression even if I do manage to express myself through my interests and choice of topics at times.

So, I have stalled out o my writing and decided to withdraw from [community profile] getyourwordsout because I was so far behind. I could have continued plodding along, but the whole thing was stressing me out. Basically, I was behind from the start. I'm not great at dealing with failure and overcoming my shortcomings, so I just pushed it to the back of my mind. I will probably try again next year.

I finally saw Wonder Woman last week with my family, and I heartily enjoyed it. I did not grow up with Wonder Woman or comics, but I enjoy superhero movies in general. I went to support the female director and the idea of a female-led superhero flick without any personal investment in the character. In spite of that, this was the least bored I've been at the movies in a long while. This makes sense because it has a lot of the narrative tropes that I enjoy. I love Greek mythology and the Amazons. I love powerful women warriors. I love historical settings. I love the fish-out of-water story of Diana going to England and discovering what humanity is really like. Plus, I strongly relate to her idealism and despair over the world not living up to it. Yet, she still fights for goodness, and that's the kind of story that I need to exist in the world right now. Basically, I want to be her. If I read comic books, I'd probably be doing that right now.

I also rewatched the Fantastic Beasts movie, and I felt like I liked it a lot more this time. I always enjoyed the world-building and characters, but the story felt lacking. While I still think it could have been better, I felt way more invested in the story this time around. I also still think Newt is a refreshing lead, and I am always happy to see more Hufflepuff characters in the limelight.

I wasn't interested in the fandom back when I first watched it, but I am curious now. I havent gone looking for fics, but I would love some recs. I don't know who is still paying attention to this half-dead journal, but fic recs for Fantastic Beasts would be much appreciated if you have any.
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On the topic of Newt as a lead, have you watched The Fantastic Masculinity of Newt Scamander on YouTube? I really liked that one, couldn't agree more!
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No problem. There's no expiration date on comments after all. *g*