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Dear Creator,

I’m so happy that we matched on one (or more) of these plays! Here are some suggestions for the directions you could take in your fic, so I hope that they inspire you. As many have said before me, these are merely suggestions. If you have your own ideas for these characters or pairings, go for it.

General Likes: fluff, angst, gen, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, lovers-to-enemies, hurt/comfort, happy families, found family, unhappy families, pre-canon, post-canon, character studies, bad weather, adventure, USt, sharing a bed, unrequited love, AUs, supernatural elements, canon divergent AUs, mutual pining, reincarnation, soulmates, feminist and post-colonial interpretations

General Dislikes: incest, PWPs, non-canon death of characters

When it comes to Shakespeare, I am fascinated with the romances or tragicomedies. I love the tension of how things can get resolved without an outright tragedy. Maybe the ending isn’t happy for everyone who deserves it or maybe it isn’t completely resolved. I would love to see this tension in your fic, especially if it is based on something that is normally a drama but ends on a happy ending in your fic. I also love the metatheatricality and playfulness in plays such as The Tempest and Twelfth Night, so bonus points if you can work that in at all.

Hamlet – Hamlet/Horatio, Hamlet/Ophelia, Horatio/Hamlet/Ophelia, Claudius/Gertrude – This might be mad, but I would really like to see Hamlet/Horatio or Hamlet/Ophelia in the Beat generation. I also had another crazy idea bout crossing Hamlet over with Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus. If you go for Claudius/Gertrude, feel free to make it as twisted as you like. If you go for Horatio/Hamlet/Ophelia, I would prefer a V centered on Hamlet. Maybe Horatio and Ophelia are jealous of each other, but maybe they can work it out? Perhaps Horatio and Ophelia come to a friendly understanding in their shared love for Hamlet? Or will Hamlet ultimately scorn one or both of them? Will Hamlet bring them both down with his madness?

The Tempest – Miranda/Ferdinand, Prospero/Sycorax, or Sycorax, Ariel, and Caliban by themselves or in a family situation– I would really like to see what life is like for Miranda/Ferdinand after they leave the island. How does Miranda adjust to this “brave new world”? Is Ferdinand still the man she loves the most? Feel free to put in obstacles and difficulties, but I would prefer a happy ending. For Prospero/Sycorax, I would prefer a relationship like Oberon/Titania except more so. Is there a chance for them to coexist in peace or will it inevitably end in tragedy? The thing I love about Prospero is how he is so convinced of his own goodness, so it would be fun to see some of his negative qualities reflected back at him from Sycorax. Was all that he believed about Sycorax right or was she more like Prospero than he will ever admit? On that note, it would also be fun to see what Sycorax, Ariel, and Caliban’s happy/unhappy family life was like before Prospero arrived.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Oberon/Titania, Puck, and basically any and all of the fairies – I love the love/hate relationship between Oberon/Titania, so I would love to see them warring with each other if you choose to focus on them. I just love the fairies in general, and it would be cool to see them causing mischief and mayhem in other places and times. Puck is my favorite, and I would love to see what might happen if he were to meet Ariel from The Tempest, for example. I just watched the 2016 version of the play by Russell T. Davies and enjoyed it, so feel free to incorporate elements from that version if you like.

Twelfth Night – Orsino/Viola, Antonio/Sebastian, Malvolio, Olivia/Sebastian/Antonio – I like Orsino/Viola for how it plays with gender. Orsino asks for Viola not to wear her “women’s weeds” until after they get married, but does he ever delight in her wearing men’s clothes after that? I see Orsino being somewhat intrigued by the idea of Viola in men’s clothing. After all, he was first attracted to her when she was dressed as a boy. For Antonio/Sebastian, I would just love to see a happy ending for Antonio because he was so loyal to Sebastian. This is what I’m aiming for with Olivia/Sebastian/Antonio where Olivia allows Antonio to share Sebastian with her. For Malvolio, I would just like to see whatever his revenge might be or if he could lighten up after the play. His torture during the play can be seen as harmless fun, but it can also border on cruelty. I am open to either interpretation.
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