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[personal profile] st_aurafina is hosting a friending meme. Those of you who are reading this probably already know about it, but I thought I'd share anyway because I think it's neat. :D I've never participated in a friending meme before, so I'm pretty excited. I already posted there, but I have yet to look through all of the other comments and start friending. Go check it out if you haven't already! This is the perfect time to make new DW friends after 2016 had so many nasty surprises for us and after whatever the hell is going on with LJ right now. Let's stick together in 2017.
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 2

In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

This... is hard! To be honest, there are so many creative works that have changed my life in some positive way. I could list so many! In fact, that is what draws me to storytelling in the first place. I am an English major because I believe in the power of stories and creativity to change minds and hearts. It may sound silly, but I'm going to talk about Digimon now.

I'll become a happy butterfly and ride on the glittering wind )
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It's already a few days into 2017, so I think it's time to dust off this old journal and post for once! Since I enjoyed doing [community profile] snowflake_challenge so much last year, I think it will be a great way to start off this new year in a positive light.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you
feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if
you feel comfortable doing so.

I felt a bit weird about this challenge this year because I have yet to write something substantial, but I understand that is not the point of this challenge. Still, it should be pretty easy to rec my stuff this year because I believe that I have nearly everything reposted on AO3.

All under a convenient cut )

That was actually kind of fun! I'm glad I did it. ^^;
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Dear writer,

I think that it’s really cool that we matched on one or more of these fandoms, and I’m sure that I’ll enjoy whatever you happen to write for me. These prompts are merely suggestions. If you have an idea of your own that you’re really excited about, I encourage you to write it. Please avoid explicit rape or incest. Also, I would prefer it if you did not write AUs for fandoms where they are not requested.

Happy writing!

Read more... )
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The last few days have been eventful and productive, media-wise. I went to see the Welcome to Night Vale live show "Ghost Stories" on Friday night in LA, and it was great. The weather guest was Erin McKeown, who provided the weather for the most recent episode of the podcast. She played that song ("The Queer Gospel") as well as several others. I decided that I really like her music. She has a good voice, but what I really appreciate is the lyrics of her songs. Just that night, she played songs about LGBTQ self-love and acceptance, immigration, and the beauty and wonder of living the creative life.

The show itself... Spoilers because it was so good )

On Saturday, I watched the first few episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix. I'm on episode six, and it's really great so far. I wasn't even alive in the majority of the 80s, but it really hits the nostalgia spot. I also watched the Fellowship of the Rings movie for the first time ever and fell in love with it. It was very well done, and it made me fall in love with the story all over again. It's kind of a shame that I didn't see these movies when they originally came out, but I'm trying desperately not to be pop culture illiterate anymore.

Speaking of which, I also watched Moulin Rouge for the first time ever this weekend. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't so convinced by the insta-love. I didn't really connect to the characters as much as I thought I should. On the other hand, I just loved the fact that Kylie Minogue and Placido Domingo were the fairy and the man in the moon respectively. Watching it reminded me a lot of Phantom of the Opera, and I suppose that both musicals have a lot of crossover appeal. I guess that it's partially that same operatic form of storytelling as Moulin Rouge has elements of La Boheme, La Traviata, and Orpheus in the Underworld. Aside from the fact that they both take place in France, they both involve creative types putting on a show and a musical within a musical. One of the characters unexpectedly takes the place of another on stage a la "The Point of No Return." Plus, both musicals begin in the future when all the action is over and done with and tell the story in flashback. Come to think of it, I bet they have a lot in common if I were to sit down and think about it some more.

So, in short, I became less pop culture illiterate this weekend. It's nice not living under a rock for a change.

I also watched Toonami on Satruday evening. I love how it has become a fixture of my week again. Not since the days of Yu Yu Hakusho have I been so eager to catch every episode. I think it'f fitting that Hunter x Hunter is the main reason why since they were both created by Yoshihiro Togashi. I've meant to check out Hunter x Hunter for years, but it's on Toonami now and all of those teenage feelings are coming flooding back. The team dynamics remind me a lot of those from the main cast of YYH. Kurapika is my obvious favorite, and I'm getting all kinds of Kurama flashbacks from him. My second favorite is probably Leorio, but they all have their own charm. Somone once said that if you liked the puzzle-like parts of the Maze Castle arc in YYH, you would also want to check out Hunter x Hunter. I will say that the Hunter Exams are definitely giving me a distinct Maze Castle type vibe.

That pretty much covers everything except my reading and writing habits, but that can wait for another time. I also got a new mattress on Saturday, so that's something too.
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I’m so happy that we matched on some of these fandoms! Please avoid writing incest or PWPs, and you should be good. :D Please think of these possible prompts as mere suggestions. If you have something else inventive in mind, go for it.

Everything under here )


Jul. 10th, 2016 12:19 pm
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I was up half the night reading a Night Vale fic. I can't even remember the last time that I was so addicted to a fic. I'm guessing it was back in my POTO fandom days because I don't think I've read anything as long since then. This one was over 50K, and IMHO, Cecil was a little OOC in parts, but I still enjoyed the heck out of it. I read all of the available chapters, but it's a WIP, so I'll probably be reading it for time to come.

Fic Under here )

Despite being up late, I managed to miss Hunter x Hunter twice on Toonami. Unfortunately, I had to go out and eat Mexican food with family at the time I would normally watch it. I just decided to wait until it is rerun instead of recording it. I have really been enjoying it for the past few weeks, though. The dynamics between the characters are really starting to remind me of YYH, which is always a good thing.
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What are you currently reading?

Currently reading and enjoying American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I am on chapter thirteen and feeling enthusiastic, so I will probably have it done by tomorrow. I haven’t made much progress on the Dresden Files book, though.

What did you recently finish reading?

The House on Mango Street, and I will post my brief review later.

What do you think you'll read next?

I have no idea.


Jun. 21st, 2016 09:55 pm
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Thankfully, the heat has decided to take a vacation for a while. Apparently, it was over 100 yesterday, but it was no hotter than the low 80s today. I've been enjoying some cool breezes from my window, but the heat kept me from sleeping last night. I don't think I was able to get to sleep until nearly 3 AM. When I did sleep, I had a haunted house-related dream/nightmare. I don't remember anything particularly creepy except for a general feeling of foreboding and the unease of finding myself alone in a dark, old house that was allegedly haunted. I blame this on reading The Haunting of Hill House—which was my first real ghost story ever—and starting Neil Gaiman’s American Gods where Spoilers ). I don’t feel particularly tired as I was able to sleep in quite a bit, but I do feel a bit listless and uninspired which is a common side effect of not sleeping enough in my life.
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I’m doing this now because I need some more structure to my life and posting while I’m out of school. I don’t have the threat of deadlines and assignments hanging over my head to keep me reading and writing on a regular basis, so this is it.

What are you currently reading?

I just started The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, and I already passed the part that I read as assigned reading in an English class. I also started reading the tenth book of the Dresden Files called Small Favor.

What did you recently finish reading?

The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs – Like Lina said on Goodreads, I thought this might be a bit too “beginner” for me, but I’m always looking for something to expand my geeky knowledge, and I really appreciated the book’s feminist perspective.

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) by Felicia Day – Despite only vaguely knowing who Felicia Day is, I loved this book. I was first exposed to this memoir when I downloaded 12 Books You Can’t Miss at Book con in order to read the Welcome to Night Vale novel preview, and I ended up reading all of the previews and adding some to my "to read" list. This book immediately struck a chord with me because I grew up liking nerdy things and I was homeschooled like Felicia. I also attended a small, private Lutheran school for elementary school, but overall, my experience sounds better than hers. There was a comment about wanting to write and finding the creative process to be excruciating at times, and I could totally relate. I felt like I could relate a lot to her issues with mental health and perfectionism as well. Overall, it made me want to get out there and create something. It was very inspiring.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson – It was only a matter of time before I read this because I love “The Lottery” so. It didn’t quite live up to that short story, but I really enjoyed it. Is it wrong that I identified with Eleanor? I sincerely hope that I’m not that screwed up. ”Spoilers” )

What do you think you'll read next?

I definitely want to finish up what I’m reading right now, and I think that’s doable.
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Because my satellite reception is terrible right now, I'm only half-watching Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans on Toonami tonight. I am hoping that things will improve when Hunter x Hunter comes on next, but I'm not holding my breath. All I've done today is read, but I'm almost done with another book, so that's something! Last night, I stayed up waaay too late playing a MUD of all things. Yep, that's where the search for accessible games and a strong nostalgia for the early days of the Internet before I had access has led me. I played Nanvaent,which was interesting, but I'm not sure if I was hooked or anything. I kept getting lost and killed while I was going nowhere fast.

Yesterday, I fiiinally went to the Downtown Disney Build a Bear Workshop to pick up my forlorn Pikachu. He is wonderfully rotund and creatively named "Pikachu." The custom Pikachu sound was only available online, so we made a homemade recording from YouTube. It turned out okay, and it was still loads better than any of the pre-recorded sounds. I also ate Italian food and ice cream.

Anyway, the reception for Hunter x Hunter is decent, so I'm going to watch it now.
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How may I fail? Let me count the ways...

Well, because of my persistent lack of time management skills, some setbacks have come on the heels of my other successes. I had to default on all of the exchanges that I signed up for. I think this is a matter of biting off more than I could chew and not taking into account that my assignments would be due not long after finals' week. Plus, I'm still not a very disciplined writer. I had quite a bit of anxiety to deal with regarding both school and fandom as well. I feel like I'm getting past that now, and I'm hoping that I will be able to be more productive this summer.

In the future, I think I will focus on writing treats for exchanges. That way, I can simply focus on the writing aspect without any consequences. I really have loved the gifts that I have received from the few exchanges that I've done, but my purest joy comes from writing itself. I don't need something in return to be happy.

In other annoyances, something is very wrong with the Internet here. The speed is really slow for some reason. I'm convinced that it's down to dial-up speeds, but I don't remember what that was like except that it was horrible. I remember that it took ~30 minutes to download a 4 MB song, and anything larger was out of the question.

In spite of everything, I was able to finish some writing, so I'll post that shortly.
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My motivation has taken a nosedive and my sleep schedule has been all messed up ever since I finished finals' week. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to be out from under the demands of the semester, but it feels like a great driving force has been removed from my life. There's a million things that I either could do or should do, but I don't have any structure to it. I did graduate last week, so at least that's one thing I've done. I have that on Intern Maureen, and I didn't even have to lead any army or anything!

Speaking of which, I am very happy with the way that Night Vale is going. I think there might have been a dip in quality around the time the book was coming out, but events are working their way into something exciting. The format of the last episode where it's just Cecil calling a bunch of people really appeals to me to shake things up a bit. I am worried for Cecil and Carlos, though. I also desperately want to know what's going on with Chad and the evil puppy he's summoned. I am extremely proud of myself for being suspicious of the overly cute puppy in the first place. Likewise, I'm really enjoying where the new podcast, Alice Isn't Dead, is going.

Just writing these two paragraphs helped boost my mood. I'm still kind of bummed about not being able to finish my assignment for [community profile] space_swap. I'm trying not to feel too horrible about it because I have two other assignments that I need to finish. The idea I was working on just got away from me, and I wasn't sure I could do it justice in the remaining time. I have almost a thousand words written now, so I intend to turn it into something eventually.
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I haven't done much since my last post, and it's April already! T. S. Elliot was right: April is the cruelest month so far.

It finally occurred to me that it might improve my mood if I listen to music, so I'm currently listening to a station created from my "Nostalgia" playlist on Spotify. I don't think that I would point to it as the pinnacle of my musical taste, but it is the musical equivalent of burrowing under cozy blankets on a cold day. It has been far from cold weather-wise, but this is one of those times when I need the warmth and comfort. We had to put my dog to sleep yesterday. That means the end of my original group of pets, which I prized and loved so much as a child. I knew it was coming, but I hate change.

I originally turned to the laptop to continue reading book nine of the Dresden Files, but I felt compelled to write here instead. I really want to finish that series this year because I want to read discussion of the series and I'm tired of having to avoid spoilers. I don't know how I bore it when I was playing catch-up with the Harry Potter series, but I didn't stay spoiler-free for that, either. The bits that have been spoiled already are so enticing....
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This is just going up because I fail at time...

Hi There, spacer! I'm so glad that we matched on one of these fandoms. I'm looking forward to whatever you may write for me, but here are a few ideas and guidelines.
I will be happy with whatever you do as long as you try to avoid my dislikes. I apologize for not finishing and posting this letter sooner. If you have already started brainstorming or writing something, feel free to continue with that as long as you try to avoid my dislikes.

Read more... )


Mar. 18th, 2016 04:19 pm
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I've done some of my homework today, but the entire time I have been anxiously awaiting my assignment for [community profile] space_swap. ;3 The exchange is going to be smaller than I originally thought. Apparently, there will be 25 participants including myself. I'm guessing that I'll be writing something for Doctor Who or the Star Wars prequels because I'm the only one who requested Madoka. I'm probably not going to get a Madoka fic either, but that's okay because I haven't even read any of the fics that are already out there.

Signing up for this exchange has made me wish that there was a fantasy-based counterpart. Maybe that is too vague of a subject, but I'm tempted to start one of my own. If I did, I might want to call it magical exchange, so that it contains some kind of magic in the fandoms as a theme. I would be tempted to call it Equivalent Exchange, but I'm sure that something already has that name and that it might be too specific to FMA. Besides, is the alchemy in FMA really magic? From what I remember of the 2003 anime (even though I have watched Brotherhood), alchemy is supposed to be a kind of science that just doesn't exist in our world. I would want my exchange to be focused on real magic rather than technology that is so advanced that it appears to be magic. There is a name for that, right? Magic that is really just new technology? I must investigate...
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Since I've been varying levels of sick this week, my spring break has evaporated away like melted snow. I planned on updating my journal all week, but I'm just getting to it now after two other failed attempts. I hope this writing will do me some good.

Once again, I signed up for a fanwork exchange against my better judgment, but hey, it's writing. Just in the nick of time, too! I totally forgot about [community profile] space_swap with the full intention of doing a leisurely and well-thought out sign up earlier this week, but I didn't realize that sign ups were closing today until last night. I got my sign up in, but I was unable to take the time to put prompts or do not wants, so I'm bracing for anything. I just hope that I get something other than smut, but if I don't, it's my own fault for not planning ahead. Fortunately, I do not have many hard-and-fast triggers, but I would prefer that my fics don't get any darker or more adult than the original source material that I requested. Just in case my spacer is reading this, I am not down with incest or underage.

I also signed up for [community profile] myoldfandom, but I have plenty of time to fiddle with the sign up for that and write a proper letter with prompts and everything. At least, I have until the 25th.

Anyway, I want to write more about my fannish activities, but this is just a brief recap of the little that I've done this week. I also need to post my fics from [community profile] chocolateboxcomm now that they've been revealed for over a month now.
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I can't even recall the last time that I finished an anime, but I'm guessing that it must have been years ago. The one that comes to mind is Deadman Wonderland--another short series--but I can't even remember. I checked MyAnimeList, but I never even updated that to show that I finished FMA: Brotherhood. D: I don't think Durara is even on there!

At any rate, I spent the last two days binging Madoka Magica. That's not saying much because it's only twelve half-hour episodes long. However, that was just the right length to encourage me to scarf it up like dark magical girl candy. I finished it late last night and immediately hopped over to TV Tropes to see what others had thought. Naturally, I have some thoughts I'd like to share. Spoilers )

Was it worth the hype? Yes, I think so, and I am glad to finally know what everyone was talking about. It only took me five years to do so, but I'm just happy to be watching anime again. When I have more time, I want to read fic for this. I feel like I could have more to say if I think about it more. I have the movies to watch as well.
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I received my [community profile] chocolateboxcomm gifts last night and read both of them this morning. With one main gift and a treat, I feel like I really got more than I deserved. The FMA fic that I received was over 3,000 words! I wasn't even expecting a FMA fic at all, so that kind of knocked me off my feet. The Harry Potter fic was a real surprise as well. I'd never even thought of Millicent/Hermione until I requested it, so I was happy to read something new. I guess these can both count as rare pairings, too. I've already left comments and kudos, so I hope that my mystery authors continue to get lots of love for their work.

Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter )

Fortunately, I was able to give two gifts in return. I've already gotten some lovely comments and kudos, so I guess that means that they don't suck!

What next? [community profile] halfamoon is extending its run until the end of February, so I may do something for that. I'm also seriously considering participating in [community profile] once_upon_fic.
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No, I never saw the movie that I'm quoting right now, but perhaps I should.

As the previous post indicates, I finished [community profile] snowflake_challenge. The only problem is that I forgot to post about it over there, so I should probably do that today. By some miracle, I was able to fulfill my assignment for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm and write a treat as well. Both of my works exceed the 300 word minimum, and I'm desperately hoping that they don't suck. I did not go looking for a beta for either, but I proofread them as best I could. Now, it won't be much longer before they are revealed anonymously. I wrote for one fandom that I've written for before and one that I never wrote for because it always intimidated me. That could apply to almost anything because of how little I've written so far. I would very much like to write another treat, but we'll see how time goes as I have many more important things to do in my real life.

AO3 says that I have two gifts waiting for me. :D I guess that I must have picked fandoms that were easy to write for because I had my main gift and another treat uploaded before the treat list went up. I'm guessing that they're either Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Doctor Who, or Fullmetal Alchemist. Unfortunately, no one except me offered or requested Welcome to Night Vale. Regardless, I'm still very excited because I've never participated in an exchange before. It's just so brilliant to have one like this around Valentine's Day. Even if I don't have some great love of my own to look forward to, I can share a little love with my fellow fans through my writing.


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