Jan. 22nd, 2016 11:51 am
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I made it through another week of this semester, so it's time that I focus on the rest of my life for a while. Perhaps I can let myself do a bit of cathartic writing before I get to anything else. Even though this week was short on account of MLK day, it felt long and hectic. Sunday was my birthday, but I just rolled with it this time. I decided that there will be plenty of time in the rest of the year to turn to reflection about the state of my life. I allowed myself to feel happy about the event, but I did not celebrate much on that day. Instead, I took care of some homework and watched Galavant. Richard continues to be my favorite character in that series. I did get some sweet birthday wishes, though. It's good to be reminded that I am loved.

Of course, Monday was a holiday, so I took the time to actually celebrate my birthday a bit. We tried a new Mexican restaurant that I didn't end up liking very much. The rest of my time was spent trying to figure out synthetic a priori and reading. It's unfortunate that my creative writing class had to be on Monday because that is not the class I wanted to miss.

Tuesday I went to see If/Then with Idina Menzel. As a result, I found out what happens when you're late to a musical. We had to wait outside for ten minutes before they would let us in, but there was a screen outside to allow us to know what was going on. However, the sound on the screen was a bit delayed, and we could hear the actual sound coming from the theater at the same time. This created an echo that made it hard to understand what was going on. Eventually, someone turned down the sound on the screen to fix the problem, and we were let in before too long. It was a good show although I did find it a bit confusing like some of the reviewers had said. It was my chance to hear Idina sing live again, so it was worth it. I didn't realize that Anthony Rapp was in it too, and I was reminded how much I like his voice. Some songs were more memorable than others and the lyrics seemed clever at times, but I would like to listen to the cast recording to make a final judgment. Overall, the story was relatable because I am still young, and I have a lot of life-changing decisions ahead of me as well. I could relate to Elizabeth's struggle to find out what was the right decision.

Speaking of decisions, I am thinking of studying abroad in Spain or some other Spanish-speaking country. Spanish is not my major, but it would be a gift to become fluent in it after I've been forced to take three semesters of it and have at least one more semester to look forward to. I'm not even sure that I'd qualify for the scholarship, but I'm going to go to a presentation about it next Friday. It seems like something that is seriously worth considering even though I have a bunch of other things that I need to do in my life. Maybe something good could come of it. It could be just the thing to give me a fresh start.

I don't really have much to say about the last two days. It was just... stressful on account of personal things, but I can put that behind me now. I also had a dream about the Tenth Doctor and Martha, so I think that's incentive to start watching the older episodes of Doctor Who again.
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This long week back to school has culminated in my birthday. Yay? I meant to do another post before I got back to school or at least before today, but of course, that didn't happen. I have spent this day doing trivia, eating at the beach, and naming my Zubat Lestat. In other words, it is a fairly typical birthday. I'm sort of watching Attack on Titan right now, but I haven't bothered to watch all of the previous episodes.

So, I'm 26. What does that mean? All I can say for sure is that I am four years away from thirty. That is somewhat unsettling because my goals are far from completion. It's not that thirty is old, but I feel too young to be that age. At least I have my old standbys of escapism. I've been playing Braillemon, which is an audio port of the original Pokemon games. Considering the fact that I haven't played a Pokemon game in ten years for reasons that are out of my control, it is refreshing to dive back into that world again. However, what really interests me is the newer games. The things that I have heard are intriguing to say the least. I have played through the first two generations, but I never finished or even purchased some of the games beyond that. Fortunately, the person who is working on this game wants to incorporate the newer games as well. I have played through the original games several times in my youth, and in some ways, I know Kanto like the back of my hand. I have forgotten some things, but the game is still very familiar to me overall. That being said, I have still found myself stuck in Mt. Moon more than once. It is surprising how little can change in sixteen years.

Other than that, I'm reading and trying to get into sci-fi. For school, I'm supposed to read Don Quixote. I have enjoyed it so far. I'm reading Breaking Dawn and The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I want to finish the Twilight Saga once and for all. There are still some thins that I like about the series, but others that I dislike. I can recognize and accept all of the faults in this series. Still, I can't help enjoying myself. I've already gotten past Bella's pregnancy from Hell. I look forward to her life as a vampire even though I know many spoilers and how anti-climactic this book can be.

That's all I care to say for now. I want to do a "me at 26" post, but we'll see.


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