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I've been really tired today, and I haven't really done anything all day. I started out by organizing and messing around with my Spotify playlists. There are a lot of good albums that I never listen to, so I have started dumping the albums that I remember liking into playlists separated by decades. Depending on how many albums I can recall, these playlists could end up being massive. This is still better than my old organizational system, which is basically nonexistent. I will probably try to make some genre playlists, but that will have to wait. I'm not sure if I should put Broadway cast recordings in the individual decade playlists or put them into one giant, all-consuming Broadway playlist. I'm leaning toward the latter because of the amount of tracks on albums and the fact that revivals can feature music from decades earlier than when they were recorded.

Organizing music on Spotify is a big thing for me because I own very little music myself. When I was growing up, I bought almost no music aside from anime CDs. I listened to Japanese music almost exclusively until I was about 15, except for when I was listening to the radio in the car. By the time that I started listening to English music more often, I had already discovered the joys of music piracy and downloading. I built up and lost my mp3 collection several times over because I never backed anything up. Eventually, I stopped downloading mp3s and switched to streaming via... in 2006, I think? Now that I think of it, I think I started listening to Yahoo's Launchcast personalized radio first... does anyone remember that? I always thought I would re-download my old collection from iTunes, but based on the volume of music that I had listened to over the years as well as my changing tastes, I never did. So, basically, I'm trying to get together all the new and old music that I've ever loved and can still enjoy in one place.

Anyway, I got really tired after that. I blame it on waking up several times during the night and having a dream about turning into an evil witch with my best friend from elementary school. I don't know where exactly that came from, but it felt pretty vivid at the time. I have taken to listening to audio books and podcasts while I'm trying to fall asleep, and I frequently fall asleep with them still playing. I was listening to the Welcome to Night Vale novel last night, so maybe that is to blame.

The only other thing that I can blame for being exhausted today is that I have been active more often than usual in the past two weeks. It all started with Portland. The week before last, I was in Portland for a few days. That involved a lot of walking and getting lost on public transportation. I walked 4+ miles each day, and I was able to eat at a cool British pub called The Raven and the Rose, so I was pretty happy.

On Thursday of last week, I went to Catalina for my grandma's birthday because they offer free boat trips to the island for people celebrating their birthdays as well as one guest. It felt like I spent most of my time riding around on the back of a golf cart and listening to music, but I did end up walking 3.3 miles. I also bought a unicorn necklace because I am clearly an eleven year old girl on the inside. XD; Altogether, it was a good day, and I spent the ride home out on deck to experience the wind and sea spray while staring at the sea and darkening sky. It has been so long since I've been out to sea like that, so I regret nothing.

On Friday, I stayed home for most of the day, but I went to Fullerton in the evening to get coffee at the Night Owl. Then, I found out that my aunt was making tacos, so we went over there for dinner.

On Saturday, I went back to Fullerton to try a pizza place called Fuoco. It was good but way more authentic than I am used to. Then, I went to the Tranquil Tea Lounge where I ordered a white tea and mochi ice cream. It was the first time I had mochi ice cream before, and I loved it. Overall, I walked 1.5 miles that day.

On Sunday, I went to Torrance with my family to visit an old neighbor of theirs. I used it as an excuse to stop by Mitsuwa for the first time. I did not realize that that place was so big! I wish I had more time to spend there, but I did get some snacks as well as a discounted tea set. I want to visit the one in Costa Mesa since it is about the same distance as the one in Torrance. Overall, I walked 1.3 miles that day.

So, it's probably not the walking that has made me tired because I've actually felt better on days that I've walked more. I'm guessing that it is the social interaction and maybe just being out. I think that this is the same thing that makes me feel so exhausted during the semester because I can be out for only a few hours and feel drained. That is why it is so hard to balance my classes with anything else. I don't interact with people a lot, but just being there can make me feel self-conscious and nervous... it is not fun. It is worst at the beginning of the semester, especially if I don't know the professor. Usually, it gets better after a month or so, but I still carry a lot of stress and tension with me which can be very draining.

Last but not least, I did not start my new writing goals because I have felt tired and distracted. I decided that I should get started on a day when I actually feel good, but maybe that's just an excuse. It's so hard to start things and find motivation.
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I love how reading seems to slow time down for a while! I've been spending my time reading some Yuletide fics as I wait for the Doctor Who Christmas special to start, and it has calmed my mind wonderfully. All of my loneliness and angst from yesterday has melted away. Right now, I'm working my way through some fics for Disney's Beauty and the Beast. :D

This Christmas has been unusual. Not bad, mind you, but still a little unusual in how low-key and peaceful it has been. We went over to my aunt and uncle's house yesterday after we ate a family lunch together at Claim Jumper. We ended up missing all of the earlier church services and did not want to stay up for the midnight ones. As a gift, I got 2-day passes to Disneyland, which is what I was hoping for since it has been a while since I last visited Disneyland. Overall, it felt like it went better than last year. I don't remember what exactly happened last year, but it feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing an entry about it. I can't believe that December is almost over again!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and to all a good night!
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It's the end of my first week of winter break, and a general sense of ennui has settled in. Christmas wasn't so bad. I enjoy Christmas almost always, but I hate the current level of commercialization. Although I appreciate my presents and the festive decorations, I don't need them. All I need is a crackling fire, a chill in the air, and a slice of time to reflect. That all seems so antithetical to the rush that Christmas has become. Fortunately, I was able to find some quiet time. Even though my faith in Christianity has waxed and waned over the year, it gives me great joy to slow down and consider the Nativity. Plus, I was able to read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for the first time--that was a real treat!

I don't understand my ESFJ aunt. She seems obsessed with being the perfect hostess and home-maker. Everything from the meal to the decorations has to be perfect, and it is catastrophe otherwise. I do not understand this point of view. My perfectionism lies elsewhere, and I eschew gender roles enough to avoid this preoccupation myself. Yes, I want to cook someday, but I don't want it to be my life. Anyway, her preoccupation can put a huge damper on the holidays because she is so fussy, but it was mostly kept at bay his time around.

We didn't have a home-cooked meal this meal, but that is perfectly fine by me. It would have been best if we had brought in food from a restaurant on Christmas Eve, but oh no, we had to go out to eat. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find somewhere to eat on Christmas day? It was almost hilarious. Every restaurant we found that said it was open on their website turned out to be closed. Hence, we had to settle for the old standby of Denn's. Ugh. Is this what is like to be non-Christian on Christmas? I suppose so. I have heard that there is convetional wisdom that some Chinese food restaurants may be open on Christmas, but I knw that no one else would go for that...

Overall, it was a weird holiday. It did not go how I would have wanted it, but such is life. I understand how important family is, but regardless, I am beginning to become frustrated with mine. It's probably that they've been all that I've had for some years, but their opinions and closed-mindedness is geting to me. Apparently, my aunt and uncle have no interest in visiting any country in Asia. I think this is a hasty generalization, and based on their other comments at other times, I can't help but see xenopobia behind hit. Really, if you are at all curious about the world, I don't see how you can write off Asia like that. Then again, I'm an unrepentant Japanophile, so what would I know?

I really did not intend to rant about my family, but it helps to get this off my chest. They're probably not so bad, but I haven't seen enough of the world to say for sure. I originally meant to write about all the little joys that this Christmas vacation has given me, but it will have to wait. I agreed to go to a movie in a few hours. The good news is that it's Into the Woods. Yay for Sondheim! <3


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