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I have gone to bed after 1 am consistently for the last few days, which does not bode well for when I will have to be awake and functioning before 10 AM next month. -_-; I'm still wondering how July is almost over and where the time has gone. Time has always been my enemy, but maybe we will be able to reconcile someday.

Last weekend, I house-sat for my aunt and uncle, which meant AC for a few days! *cheers* Naturally, it started to cool down outside just when I finally got access to the air conditioning. I'm home now, but I was able to enjoy it for a few days at least. It's so much easier to accomplish things when you're not hot and tired all the time.

So, after my previous post, I actually did go to the fair on Saturday and had a lovely time. The temperature wasn't too bad, but we didn't get there until around 4 pm. Like with Downtown Disney, people have to go through security and metal detectors to go to the OC Fair now, so it's just as bad as the airport. I don't like it, but I understand it. Still, going through metal detectors has always been stressful for me because I'm always worried that I'll be stopped for some stupid reason. I know that security can't stop every possible threat,so I'm starting to think that the presence of metal detectors is at least partially meant to promote an illusion of security rather than actual security. I believe there was a 90% fail rate at a US airport recently.

The jousting itself was great, and we had excellent seats right in front of everything. I couldn't hear the announcer very well because of our position and all of the cheering, so I wasn't totally sure who all of the participants were. I didn't really root for anyone in particular, except for the Mexican knight Marcello. The troupe was called Knights of Valour, and they are partially based in Canada. I guess the spelling of "valour" should make that obvious, but the announcer's pronunciation was telling as well. He made a quip about free healthcare being good for the jousters, too. I knew that the jousting was not choreographed, but it was more "extreme" than I was expecting. The Black Knight was unhorsed and knocked unconscious, which was scary. Overall, it was wonderful to see the horses in action (apparently, they're mostly rescued horses) and experience something that I like to read about in fiction come to life. It makes me want to do more medieval-themed things (I've never even been to Medieval Times) because I'm apparently not enough of a nerd already. I swear, there's like a 50% chance that I will become a Medievalist in the near future.

The rest of the fair was just as great. Since everyone's always posting pics of cute barnyard animals on Facebook and Twitter, I knew that I had to visit the petting zoo. I was able to pet a cow, goat, wallaby (!), deer, sheep, donkey and llama. The cow was my favorite because it was very assertive with nuzzling and eating from my hand but not in a scary way. Then, I went on the sky ride just around twilight and ate a lackluster piece of pizza. We wandered around for a bit, and ended the night by listening to a local band from Fullerton. They were a group of sisters called Darden who played what they call alternative Americana. They included a violin, so I was naturally drawn to them. The best part was their covers, but I bought an EP of their original music as well. Altogether, we didn't leave the fair until around 10 o'clock, which was much later than I was expecting, but I stopped feeling bad once I got some caffeine in me. I walked around 2.7 miles that day, which is exactly what I needed.

I also signed up for the [community profile] hp_creatures fest, so hopefully I can get started on that. I will be in Oregon Thursday through Saturday for unpleasant personal reasons, but I'd like to get started before then. I have until October, but it is better that I use my time wisely, especially before school starts and consumes me. I need all the help that I can get when it comes to actually sitting down and writing anything that's over ~500 words. At least it's a pairing that I feel relatively comfortable with.

I'm supposed to go to a HP trivia night tonight at 7:30; my life is so interesting now. XD;
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