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There's far too much to take in here. More to find than can ever be found. That's my reaction whenever I think of all of the creative works that I want to experience and realize that there's still more amazing stuff that I haven't discovered yet.

Am I the only one who has lyrics from The Lion King float through their mind during random times of the day? Considering how important and beloved that movie was in my childhood (not to mention my grown-up love for Hamlet), it's really not surprising.

Hakuna matata, everyone!
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I'm pretty tired today and usually when I'm tired I have trouble finding the right words to say what I want to say, but... not now. What's even stranger is why I'm tired in the first place, because last night I slept more than I normally do.

Also, I keep having dreams where voice actors are my teachers. Before it was only Vic, but last night I dreamt my teacher was... Travis! XD Now Vic makes sense, because I admire him and view him as a role model I can learn from. Not to mention that people call him "sensei" and even I did that for awhile. Travis is cool and all, but I haven't even joined the MSA yet (although, that may change soon) so it seems outta nowhere. Maybe Travis was substituting for Vic and, of course, why not substitute a voice actor-sensei with another random voice actor? It makes sense!


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