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Well, I have failed at updating my journal regularly, but that which we call real life has plagued my mind and free time. I just finished my semester last week, so I have been reading and relaxing since then. Right now, I'm reading through a collection of Lovecraft's Dream Cycle, and I thought I'd share this quote because it seems appropriate:

"There are not many persons who know what wonders are opened to them in the stories and visions of their youth; for when as children we listen and dream,
we think but half-formed thoughts, and when as men we try to remember, we are dulled and prosaic with the poison of life. But some of us awake in the night
with strange phantasms of enchanted hills and gardens, of fountains that sing in the sun, of golden cliffs overhanging murmuring seas, of plains that stretch
down to sleeping cities of bronze and stone, and of shadowy companies of heroes that ride caparisoned white horses along the edges of thick forests; and
then we know that we have looked back through the ivory gates into that world of wonder which was ours before we were wise and unhappy."
- H. P. Lovecraft, "Celephais," The Dream Cycle
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The time of this entry shows how much I didn't sleep... -_-; At any rate, I needed to wake up to see if my enrollment date got updated. It did! :D So, while I wait for my time to enroll, I will amuse myself by posting some quotes from Night Vale.

"Weird at last, weird at last. God Almighty, weird at last."

"Regret nothing... untilit is too late. Then, regret everything." -- episode 10 "Feral Dogs"

"Listeners... are you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you enjoying carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you surprised by carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you enraged by carpal tunnel syndrome? Do you feel a throbbing sadness that you almost cannot stand from carpal tunnel syndrome? Do you feel a bounty of love and appreciation for your fellow human beings traveling through this confusing and finite lifetime with you from carpal tunnel syndrome? Do you get sexually aroused by carpal tunnel syndrome? That would be weird. Not to be judgmental, but... it would be weird." episode 10

"Silence is golden. Words are vibrations. Thoughts are magic." <-- if you haven't noticed, this is my current journal subtitle. ^^;

Well, that killed an adequate amount of time. XD I will post more as they come to me. Hopefully, I can figure out how to do a cut by then!


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