Jun. 21st, 2016 09:55 pm
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Thankfully, the heat has decided to take a vacation for a while. Apparently, it was over 100 yesterday, but it was no hotter than the low 80s today. I've been enjoying some cool breezes from my window, but the heat kept me from sleeping last night. I don't think I was able to get to sleep until nearly 3 AM. When I did sleep, I had a haunted house-related dream/nightmare. I don't remember anything particularly creepy except for a general feeling of foreboding and the unease of finding myself alone in a dark, old house that was allegedly haunted. I blame this on reading The Haunting of Hill House—which was my first real ghost story ever—and starting Neil Gaiman’s American Gods where Spoilers ). I don’t feel particularly tired as I was able to sleep in quite a bit, but I do feel a bit listless and uninspired which is a common side effect of not sleeping enough in my life.
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Because my satellite reception is terrible right now, I'm only half-watching Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans on Toonami tonight. I am hoping that things will improve when Hunter x Hunter comes on next, but I'm not holding my breath. All I've done today is read, but I'm almost done with another book, so that's something! Last night, I stayed up waaay too late playing a MUD of all things. Yep, that's where the search for accessible games and a strong nostalgia for the early days of the Internet before I had access has led me. I played Nanvaent,which was interesting, but I'm not sure if I was hooked or anything. I kept getting lost and killed while I was going nowhere fast.

Yesterday, I fiiinally went to the Downtown Disney Build a Bear Workshop to pick up my forlorn Pikachu. He is wonderfully rotund and creatively named "Pikachu." The custom Pikachu sound was only available online, so we made a homemade recording from YouTube. It turned out okay, and it was still loads better than any of the pre-recorded sounds. I also ate Italian food and ice cream.

Anyway, the reception for Hunter x Hunter is decent, so I'm going to watch it now.


Mar. 18th, 2016 04:19 pm
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I've done some of my homework today, but the entire time I have been anxiously awaiting my assignment for [community profile] space_swap. ;3 The exchange is going to be smaller than I originally thought. Apparently, there will be 25 participants including myself. I'm guessing that I'll be writing something for Doctor Who or the Star Wars prequels because I'm the only one who requested Madoka. I'm probably not going to get a Madoka fic either, but that's okay because I haven't even read any of the fics that are already out there.

Signing up for this exchange has made me wish that there was a fantasy-based counterpart. Maybe that is too vague of a subject, but I'm tempted to start one of my own. If I did, I might want to call it magical exchange, so that it contains some kind of magic in the fandoms as a theme. I would be tempted to call it Equivalent Exchange, but I'm sure that something already has that name and that it might be too specific to FMA. Besides, is the alchemy in FMA really magic? From what I remember of the 2003 anime (even though I have watched Brotherhood), alchemy is supposed to be a kind of science that just doesn't exist in our world. I would want my exchange to be focused on real magic rather than technology that is so advanced that it appears to be magic. There is a name for that, right? Magic that is really just new technology? I must investigate...
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There's far too much to take in here. More to find than can ever be found. That's my reaction whenever I think of all of the creative works that I want to experience and realize that there's still more amazing stuff that I haven't discovered yet.

Am I the only one who has lyrics from The Lion King float through their mind during random times of the day? Considering how important and beloved that movie was in my childhood (not to mention my grown-up love for Hamlet), it's really not surprising.

Hakuna matata, everyone!
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Rather money again day today. Still's almost it was nice's. I went to church this mom, walked over to the nearby shopping center, ate some fast food nachos, and then came home to do some homework. Not so much progress on the homework, show. I am a terrible procrastinator. Later, I may go to the mall sacrectomy even more.

Anyway, today is pleasant day. Pretty sunny. Probably a good day to write poetry, but I Philnoll inspiration. However, I may try to fit in some reading.

I'm not sure what the point of this wise… Just too right?'
I guess that's good enough for now.

I didn't type this and Trietsch; I dictated to my iPhone. I was going to fix the mistakes by hand, but I'll leave them for now.
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Last night (or, to be more accurate; this morning), I stayed up until four o'clock watching a documentary about Mark Twain. xD; it was well worth it.

Also, trying to write while listening to the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables does not work. the music is too distracting... in a good way!


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