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Last week, I went on a "date" with an English major who doesn't like to read for fun.


I don't know what's the weirdest part of that sentence: that I actually went on a date or that he's an English literature major who doesn't read for fun. Obviously, this is a topic that warrants more discussion, but for now, I'll leave you with this thought as a brief peak into the utter wasteland that is my love life. Until then, I'm going to crawl back into the imaginary world that I've created for myself.
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I didn’t do this last week, but I don’t recall why as I actually had some reading progress to report. Oh well, here we go!

What are you currently reading?

I’ve been plugging away at Dubliners, which has really caught my interest. I didn’t really like the first story, but everything else has been great. I love the feeling of longing and isolation that exists throughout all of the stories, and I enjoy the way that each one moves onto later stages of life. Even though many of the characters are much younger or older than I am, I feel like I can relate to most of them in some way. I love how the stories end abruptly without resolution or have ambiguous ending as well. The way that these stories make me feel reminds me fondly of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, so if this is what a lot of early 20th-century literary fiction is like, I’m all for it. The last story that I finished was “A Painful Case,” and I started the next one. I probably should have finished this collection by now since it’s short, but I just haven’t been in the mood for reading. Whenever I have been in the mood, there is always something else happening to get in the way.

I also started Enchantress from the Stars since my last post, but I haven’t really got anywhere with it. *shrugs* I think that I just forgot about it…. Oops.

What did you recently finish reading?

I finally finished At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being and Apricot Cocktails by Sarah Bakewell. My tired mind is trying to gather thoughts about it right now, but it is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in the existentialists or philosophy. I loved how it mixed philosophical ideas with the biographies of the different existentialists. I’ve been interested in Sartre since I encountered his essay “For Whom Does One Write?” in a critical thinking course, so this satisfied some of my curiosity. I still would like to read some of his philosophical works in full, but I don’t know when that will happen. I definitely want to read No Exit sometime soon.

What do you think you'll read next?

Aside from what I am reading, I don’t know. I had some things in mind, but I have already forgotten them. -_-;
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Today was better than yesterday, but I'm still staying up too late and sleeping in too late. I woke up around 10 this morning, and I was feeling pretty good until the afternoon. I did what I wasn't supposed to do, which is take a nap around 3 o'clock. I woke up around 10 or 15 minutes before 5. Then, I started to have some stomach pain for no discernible reason.

I decided to go ahead with my daily writing goals, but I'm doing something controversial in counting what I write in my journal entries toward my goals. Sure, it's not fanfic, original fic, or poetry, but journaling is often a recommended tool for writers. It's a way to keep the ball rolling, and I hope to write more fiction/poetry as time goes on. Besides, I will be taking a creative non-fiction class this semester, so this can be practice for that. I feel that just putting any kind of words on the screen is beneficial, and I believe that keeping a journal has helped me find my voice over the years. Fiction, poetry, non-fiction, blogging: it's all one to me.

I finished my [community profile] stageoffools letter tonight. It still needs tweaking in order to be easy to read, but it's essentially done. This was accompanied by watching the 2016 Russell T. Davies version of A Midsummer Night's Dream because I wanted to refresh myself on the details. That was probably not the best idea as this version had some obvious changes. The most obvious was that Spoilers ) This was more of a reinterpretation, but I enjoyed the changes and they made me look at the play in a slightly different way.
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I have gone to bed after 1 am consistently for the last few days, which does not bode well for when I will have to be awake and functioning before 10 AM next month. -_-; I'm still wondering how July is almost over and where the time has gone. Time has always been my enemy, but maybe we will be able to reconcile someday.

Last weekend, I house-sat for my aunt and uncle, which meant AC for a few days! *cheers* Naturally, it started to cool down outside just when I finally got access to the air conditioning. I'm home now, but I was able to enjoy it for a few days at least. It's so much easier to accomplish things when you're not hot and tired all the time.

So, after my previous post, I actually did go to the fair on Saturday and had a lovely time.Read more... )

I also signed up for the [community profile] hp_creatures fest, so hopefully I can get started on that. I will be in Oregon Thursday through Saturday for unpleasant personal reasons, but I'd like to get started before then. I have until October, but it is better that I use my time wisely, especially before school starts and consumes me. I need all the help that I can get when it comes to actually sitting down and writing anything that's over ~500 words. At least it's a pairing that I feel relatively comfortable with.

I'm supposed to go to a HP trivia night tonight at 7:30; my life is so interesting now. XD;
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I made the last minute decision to go to the OC Fair to watch full-contact jousting. Here is an article about it. This may not be such a good idea because I am officially sick, so I probably won't spend as much time at the fair as I normally would even though full fair admission is included with the tickets. Regardless, I am psyched. My medieval/early modern England/fantasy-loving heart is made happy. <3

On a related note, there is a Shakespeare fic exchange going on! I probably shouldn't participate based on the schedule, but it will be hard to resist. I will try to participate in the madness collection at least. I will be taking another Shakespeare class this fall, so this can count as... um, research?

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It has been a long while since I have done one of these. Since I’m trying to kick my summer reading goals into gear, here we go…

What are you currently reading?

Two things—At the Existentialist Café, which is non-fiction an philosophical, and Dubliners by James Joyce, which is a short story collection of Joyce’s early works. At the Existentialist Café is over half done, but I haven’t made much progress on it as of late because it is not the sort of thing I can listen to while drifting off to sleep. I just started Dubliners and have only read the first story. Last year, one of my professors said that all English majors should read Dubliners before they graduate, so I took the plunge and thanked God that he didn’t say Ulysses.

What did you recently finish reading?

Everything from this month with minor spoilers for Norse Mythology )

What do you think you'll read next?

Well, [personal profile] melannen is going to read Enchantress from the Stars, which is also on my to-read list, so probably that because I want to compare thoughts and have something to say.

Look, I just wrote ~700 words of babbling about books! Better quit while I’m ahead.

Edit: Why can't I get this cut to work? I use them so infrequently that I constantly screw them up. Am I not allowed to use punctuation in the cut text? Is it too long? What am I doing wrong?
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It has been dangerously close to a year since I updated this journal. As such, there are a few things that I should mention right away...

I dropped that Shakespeare class last fall. D: It just wasn't my cup of tea. I love Shakespeare, but the class didn't do it for me. Like I said, I wasn't too thrilled with the focus on comedies at the beginning. Plus, the workload prved too much for me because I was dealing with some major depression that semester.

Other than that, every other class went fine. There were bumps along the way, but they didn't hold me back in the end. The instructor for the critical thinking class has become one of my favorites. In fact, I am taking another of her classes this fall. I think she's wonderful, and as far as I can tell, the feeling is entirely mutual. :3

Since I had something akin to a depression-fueled breakdown that semester, I decided to take only two classes the following spring. I took the second half of English literature with the critical thinking instructor (Dr. P) and mythology to make up for that dropped Shakespeare class. Both were great, and I did some of my best writing in that semester. I don't think that I took as much advantage of the mythology class as I could have, though. However, I *did* win two writing contests.

In other 2013 news, I fell for my freshman composition professor. <333 I may have mentioned that before, but my feelings exploded in the fall. I always thought that he was attractive and charming, but I found out for sure that he was single in the fall. ;3 Not sure what I'm going to do about this. There's the tricky student/teacher relationship to consider. Plus, he's nineteen years older than I am. Since I'm weird, both of those things are turn-ons in their own special ways. I don't know his feelings for me... this whole situation has made me feel like a giddy school girl. I want to make a move, but I'm scared~ He's so awesome! He likes Doctor Who and sci-fi, made us write about slasher and zombie films, assigned The Time Machine as reading, enjoys mythology, and used to teach The Hobbit in his class. This sounds like my ideal guy.

I was going to dive into what I've been up to this summer, but I think I'll leave it here for now. As always, it was good writing!


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