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I have gone to bed after 1 am consistently for the last few days, which does not bode well for when I will have to be awake and functioning before 10 AM next month. -_-; I'm still wondering how July is almost over and where the time has gone. Time has always been my enemy, but maybe we will be able to reconcile someday.

Last weekend, I house-sat for my aunt and uncle, which meant AC for a few days! *cheers* Naturally, it started to cool down outside just when I finally got access to the air conditioning. I'm home now, but I was able to enjoy it for a few days at least. It's so much easier to accomplish things when you're not hot and tired all the time.

So, after my previous post, I actually did go to the fair on Saturday and had a lovely time.Read more... )

I also signed up for the [community profile] hp_creatures fest, so hopefully I can get started on that. I will be in Oregon Thursday through Saturday for unpleasant personal reasons, but I'd like to get started before then. I have until October, but it is better that I use my time wisely, especially before school starts and consumes me. I need all the help that I can get when it comes to actually sitting down and writing anything that's over ~500 words. At least it's a pairing that I feel relatively comfortable with.

I'm supposed to go to a HP trivia night tonight at 7:30; my life is so interesting now. XD;
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JOIN THE [community profile] hp_creatures Halloween Fest 2017!
Claiming: July 20 - September 20
Fest Posts: October 15

Visit the comm at: [community profile] hp_creatures for more info!

I... will probably participate in this. I haven't had the best luck with writing as of late, but a fair few of the prompts have caught my eye...
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I received my [community profile] chocolateboxcomm gifts last night and read both of them this morning. With one main gift and a treat, I feel like I really got more than I deserved. The FMA fic that I received was over 3,000 words! I wasn't even expecting a FMA fic at all, so that kind of knocked me off my feet. The Harry Potter fic was a real surprise as well. I'd never even thought of Millicent/Hermione until I requested it, so I was happy to read something new. I guess these can both count as rare pairings, too. I've already left comments and kudos, so I hope that my mystery authors continue to get lots of love for their work.

Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter )

Fortunately, I was able to give two gifts in return. I've already gotten some lovely comments and kudos, so I guess that means that they don't suck!

What next? [community profile] halfamoon is extending its run until the end of February, so I may do something for that. I'm also seriously considering participating in [community profile] once_upon_fic.
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Now that the sorting quiz is back on Pottermore, I finally took it. I was a member of Pottermore before the quiz got taken away, but I never got any further than getting my wand. This time I started fresh (there was the possibility to link your old account to your new account so that you can keep your wand and original sorting), and I got Gryffindor. I am surprised and a little disappointed because I can no longer call myself a Ravenclaw. :( Gryffindor seems overrated and gets too much attention from the books. I believe that I got Ravenclaw when I took the sorting quiz on other sites that claimed to have all of the possible sorting questions, but it has been a while. Anyway, here are the questions that I got on Pottermore and my answers:

Pottermore sorting questions and my answers )

Those are the questions that I got, but I believe they were in a different order. I found the full list of questions and answers over at the Pottermore analysis tumblr. If there's a more up-to-date resource, I'd sure like to know about it.

I may try to get access to my old account in order to see what my old wand was (I believe it was still dragon heartstring) and do the sorting ceremony again. This time, I got ash wood with a dragon heartstring core (probably my least favorite core, but whatever) 10 1/4 inces and a hard flexibility. more information can be found here. It sounds like it would be a very loyal wand. I will probably post more about my wand later, but I'm feeling a bit bored and tired now.
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 13

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your
post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Better late than never is in the spirit of [community profile] snowflake_challenge. In fact, they wouldn’t even consider this late because it is such a laid-back challenge, so here are my recs. Since this week was a little overwhelming, I decided to save this post for the weekend. Anyway, I will rec more than three things because of the delay and my enthusiasm for this challenge.

Four Recs: Harry Potter, Welcome to Night Vale, and Vampire Chronicles )

Basically, I just raided the recs I had listed on AO3. ^^; All of these are highly recommended even though I do not feel up to writing anything about them.

This week

Jan. 15th, 2016 03:28 pm
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All right, my first week of the semester is over! It seems that my last semester at this college will be somewhat low-key although I really must put a lot of effort into my intermediate Spanish class if I want to improve. I have mixed feelings about the semester already. Since this is my last semester, I am already starting to miss the college that has become my home over the last five years. It was the college that I never wanted to attend at first and that I often wished I could have been done with faster as I took my time to ease myself into the demands of college life, but I hate to say goodbye now. I will miss everyone and everything that has become familiar to me, especially favorite guy. I hope that I will be able to see him a lot before the semester is over and that I will get the chance to see him even after that because the idea of possibly never seeing him again brings tears to my eyes.

I didn't really feel like doing anything this morning, so all I did was do some Spanish lessons and goof off on the Internet. There were plenty of things I should have been doing, though. I still want to continue with [community profile] snowflake_challenge, but I will probably get to that later today.

It sucks that Alan Rickman had to die this week. :( Unlike with David Bowie's passing, I was familiar with Rickman's work. I am an unabashed Snape fangirl, and Alan Rickman is at least 50% of why I started loving the character in the first place. He will always be remembered for the way he bewitched our minds and ensnared our senses. From that first Potions' class onward, I became a Snape fan instantly.

They're doing a HP reread over at Tor.com. I may look into participating even though I am already planning to do a reread of The Tale of the Body Thief at [community profile] vc_media. Like the first reread post says, I'm sure Rickman's death will affect the way I read that book now that he and Snape are gone. If I do participate, it will be my first reading of the book since I read it when it first came out. My, how time flies.
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I just saw him on Jay Leno tonight and my excitement for the OotP movie has really kicked in! I haven't been keeping up with HP stuff much lately, because I've been distracted by other things. I didn't even know Daniel Radcliffe was gonna be on Jay Leno until my grandma told me! -_- I'm gonna see the movie at midnight like I did for GoF and I honestly can't wait~!

I also just got an email reply from Vic today and that made me REALLY happy! I realized that I'd known him for a year, but not yet sent him a email of my own with my own heartfelt words... so I HAD to write something and I'm so glad I did. I did send one for the 'Questions to Ask Vic' thread, but that doesn't really count. His reply was really sweet... ^-^ I want to hug him now!

Now I'm listening to music and Craig Ferguson is on in the background. It's been a very nice evening~!

I should go to bed soon, but I'm feeling too bouncy and happy... >.>


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