Jun. 21st, 2016 09:55 pm
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Thankfully, the heat has decided to take a vacation for a while. Apparently, it was over 100 yesterday, but it was no hotter than the low 80s today. I've been enjoying some cool breezes from my window, but the heat kept me from sleeping last night. I don't think I was able to get to sleep until nearly 3 AM. When I did sleep, I had a haunted house-related dream/nightmare. I don't remember anything particularly creepy except for a general feeling of foreboding and the unease of finding myself alone in a dark, old house that was allegedly haunted. I blame this on reading The Haunting of Hill House—which was my first real ghost story ever—and starting Neil Gaiman’s American Gods where Spoilers ). I don’t feel particularly tired as I was able to sleep in quite a bit, but I do feel a bit listless and uninspired which is a common side effect of not sleeping enough in my life.
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Ugh, I just love waking up from a romantic and loving dream to an unromantic reality. :( It's kind of perfect that "Someone Like You" by Adele is playing while I type this. Even though it has been overplayed and is nowhere near new to me, I still love this song to bits. This song would be an excellent basis for a fic, but I'm sure someone has already done that. Maybe I could try writing something with Cecil/Earl Harlan. I do love unrequited love and pining, so this would fit them perfectly.

...And this is why I need to write fics more often!

Anyway, I believe I was engaged in my dream. This makes perfect sense because a slew of my childhood acquaintances and friends have gotten married lately. My family has been talking about the upcoming wedding of one of them in January, and I've been trying to not cry whenever it has been spoken about. Fortunately, my family is not one to bother me about getting married or having grandkids (spoiler: there will be no grandkids!), but that doesn't change how left behind I feel. It seems that it's always like this, and the winter holidays don't make anything better. I realize that a good portion of my reason for being alone is my own fault, but that doesn't change how disheartening it is, especially when the only solution is to put myself through painful situations to make my life better.

For this reason, I don't regret giving my gift to favorite guy. I hope it wasn't too silly or inappropriate, but even if it was, I feel like I have a good reason for giving it to him.

Anyway, I now return you to your regularly scheduled Christmas Eve.
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My mind is teeming with thoughts tonight, so I should probably write them down. Anyway, I need to write more. As far as school goes, my personal statement is essentially done, but I need to rework a few things before tomorrow if I can harness my powers of concentration for long enough to do so. I've fallen behind on most of my shows, and I haven't been having as much fun as I think I should. However, I did just have a dream about a Fifty Shades kind of relationship, which is strange because I have never been in love with Christian Grey.

Lately, I have become addicted to the browser game Fallen London. This is not a new game at all, but it is new to me. Since I am just dipping my toes into the waters of accessible games, I was happy to find this game at random without even looking. I found out about it through an advertisement on the Welcome to Night Vale subreddit; how perfect is that? That's some excellent marketing, Reddit. Anyway, I'm AnElusiveDreamer there. It's a very fitting game to be advertised beside Night Vale.

Other things, other things... I read the Night Vale novel not too long ago. I started reading Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, but I got bored with it eventually. I don't think that it adds much to the universe, but I will finish it eventually... I'm dragging my feet on this because the biggest changes are not until the end and it's not always thrilling to wade through a bunch of minor changes. I will say this, though: the rewrite of the Port Angeles chapter sucks. Moreover, Edythe seems barely distinguishable from Edward. Beau is better, but it doesn't make it any easier to get past his name. Overall, the names of the gender-swapped Cullens are terrible. I have heard of people named Emmett and Rosalie before, but Royal? I guess I have to take that statement back now because I just realized that not all of the Cullens have terrible names. Eleanor is decent.

Is that all? Yes, for now. Now, I'm off to find pleasant dreams and even more pleasant realities.
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I'm pretty tired today and usually when I'm tired I have trouble finding the right words to say what I want to say, but... not now. What's even stranger is why I'm tired in the first place, because last night I slept more than I normally do.

Also, I keep having dreams where voice actors are my teachers. Before it was only Vic, but last night I dreamt my teacher was... Travis! XD Now Vic makes sense, because I admire him and view him as a role model I can learn from. Not to mention that people call him "sensei" and even I did that for awhile. Travis is cool and all, but I haven't even joined the MSA yet (although, that may change soon) so it seems outta nowhere. Maybe Travis was substituting for Vic and, of course, why not substitute a voice actor-sensei with another random voice actor? It makes sense!


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