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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, ten years ago I was only eleven! Still, that doesn't mean I can't mark the differences, or that I have changed so drastically tyhat I am no longer the same person. I believe that she would describe my eleven-year-old self as someone who was shy and quiet ar first, but then fun and carefree once you got to know me. She would probably say that I was funny, because I could make me laugh easily back then. Shw would also note me as smart and well-mannered, maybe almost the point of being a goody-goody. I always felt like the voice of reason in our little trio, but I'm not sure if she noticed that as much. I was usually to notice the flaws in our plans, or realize when our innocent mischief could get us in trouble. We were a lot alike ten years ago and I believe that still are quite alike now.

I'm not very sure how she'd describe me now. Things have certainly changed, but I think that most of the description would remain the same. She would still describe me as quiet and shy, but I'm more reserved around her than I was as a child. She would still describe me as smart, because I excel in some areas that she does not. I am still well-mannered and a good girl, so she wouldn't need to describe me as a delinquent! X3 She might say that I'm uptight, because I am. I hope that she would say that I am loyal and caring, because I haven't forgotten about her in all these years. She might even say that I have become braver in certain situations. I know she is somewhat impressed by the fact that I have sung three solos in my recitals so far.


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