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It seems that I was completely right when I said before that my life was in a precarious place. During the last week, my life has changed in a monumental way. I can never go back to the same perspective that I had even as recently as last weekend! It is clear that the choices I have the power to make now are of the utmost importance, but I'm not ready to talk about them in anything other than vague statements for now.

I've been downloading some music from iTunes today! :D Well, I actually downloaded Natasha Bedingfield's new album yesterday (or possibly very early this morning, but it was before I when to bed anyway), but I downloaded Sarah Brightman's "La Luna" album today. I've finally decided to purchase music from iTunes wholeheartly now. I'm still pretty attached to CDs, but it *is* cheaper and easier to buy from iTunes. I end up ripping all my CDs anyway. Right now, it's simpler to organize music on my computer than to try to manage a physical collection. I have neither the money or space to gather the collection of CDs that I wish I had already.

Anyway, I bring this up because the music I have downloaded has proved to be comforting to me. Natasha Bedingfield's music is as much a "pocketful of sunshine" as it ever was, but I'm not sure that it can live up to her debut. On the other hand, I always knew that "La Luna" was my favorite of Sarah Brightman's work. One song in particular has caught my interest. I think it does a good job of summarizing my feelings at the moment and the feelings that I've had even before. I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves now.

Winter in July )

Yes, I think that sums up my state of mind and point in life! I will correct any mistakes in the lyrics at another time. I don't know if anyone really reads or uses LJ much anymore, but I thought it was a good place to post. I will rtry to pay more attention to the activity that IS going on LJ. Facebook just isn't "it" for me. Besides, this journal seems to be the better place to post "the real stuff" for now even though I can be hopelessly and I can't tell if anyone is still around to care around the meanings behind my words. Still, I like to write here.


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